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Divorce doesn’t have to cost you everything. Your divorce can be started online now using our simple and comprehensive pack.

Personalised Service

All the divorce forms you need are completed on your behal, and then checked by an experienced case manager, before being sent on to you by email or post.

Personal Plus Service

Our Personal Plus Pack includes the benefits of our Personal Case Handling Pack PLUS a drafted clean break agreement you will need to legally enforce the document terms.

Prefer a quick, simple and affordable UK divorce?

Y our divorce application can be started online now. Or you can have all the divorce forms you’ll need to send to Court completed for you for also.

There isn’t an easier, more complete divorce package available in the UK. If you use our 3-step process to generate your divorce papers you can initiate your divorce in less than 5 minutes and save up to £550.

Last year, 42% of married people in the UK filed for a divorce. Some used Divorce Law,  saving them money and allowing them to get on with their new, happier lives using the UK’s most popular low cost divorce service.

Divorce is never painless, but our experienced divorce team can provide all the essential documentation, papers, advice and support you will need to settle your uncontested divorce quickly and efficiently with the least amount of stress and expense, without a court appearance.

Why Choose Divorce Law?

  • Experience & Expertise – We’re the largest provider of divorces in the UK
  • Staff – We employ more trained support staff than any of our competitors
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  • NAPOD – Founder of the National Association for Providers of Online Divorces
  • 24/7 Tracking – The only online divorce provider with 24/7 Case Tracking

We believe we have developed the quickest, simplest, best quality DIY divorce solutions available in the UK; and remember there are no forms, courts or solicitors!

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